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Spikes in drinks, sex and psychedelics and non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks are some of the areas of special interest this year, as once again we separate pharmaceutical facts from fiction peddled by prohibitionists. of reefer madness.

Hot press is proud to once again be the Official Irish Printing Partner for the Global Drugs Survey 2022, which is now live at https://www.globaldrugsurvey.com

Special areas of investigation this year include sex and psychedelics, drink peaks, non-alcoholic or low-alcohol drinks, and illicit tobacco.

Returning to the latter’s first subject, Professor Adam Winstock, CEO of GDS, said: “Psychedelics have long been associated with reflection and discovery around people’s sense of self. So, in addition to event-level information about people’s sexual encounters, we are interested in how psychedelic experiences might impact people’s thinking about their sexuality and gender in general. Finally, we’ll ask if those who have experienced some kind of sexual trauma have found their use of psychedelics to have had an impact here. We will use our findings to help understand the role psychedelics should play in people’s sex lives.

Anonymous, confidential and encrypted, the Global Drug Survey is one of the best ways to separate pharmaceutical fact from fiction with nearly a million respondents in its ten years of existence. Its findings have been presented to governments, healthcare professionals and law enforcement around the world, and have spawned dozens of highly regarded research papers.

We are far from the small cliques of prohibitionist Irish doctors who have peddled a new wave of reefer madness this year, as reported by the 2022 bumper Hot press Annual.

Fortunately, there are a much larger number of progressive voices, including Dr Garrett McGovern, Natalie O’Regan, Aodhán O Riordáin, Dr Jo-Hanna Ivers, Dr Cathal Ó Súilleabháin, Dr Órfhlaith Campbell, Senator Lynn Ruane, Garry Gannon, Senator Fintan Warfield, Blindboy and Philly McMahon, arguing for drug policy based on facts and science rather than fear.

Hot press went to the barricades in May to scorn the claim by the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland that cannabis is the “most serious threat” to the mental health of young people in that country.

Read it here https://www.hotpress.com/opinion/the-college-of-psychiatrists-of-irelands-claim-that-cannabis-is-the-gravest-threat-to-young-peoples-mental- health -in-this-country-is-insulting-22851117

While Germany, Malta, Luxembourg and Holland have all mobilized in recent months to regulate the cannabis markets in their countries, the dinosaur doctors who just want us to say ‘no’ seem to be increasingly swimming against it. -current of legislation.

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