Prescriptions dispensed when you need them most

When Danielle woke up after a recent operation at the Mountain View hospital, she was not feeling well. The procedure went well but, like many patients, the anesthesia had left her feeling groggy, confused and even a little nauseous. Needless to say, she wasn’t looking forward to the stop she and her husband should make at the pharmacy.

“I never like to go for meds after surgery so anyone can see me feeling groggy and in pain,” Danielle said.

Fortunately, the Mountain View Hospital allowed her to skip the pharmacy and go straight home with her bedside medication program.

“We know that patients recover better when they are on a drug regimen and take them the right way,” said Mark Keyes, pharmacist at Mountain View Hospital. “We realized that we had the flexibility to deliver all the medications our patients needed straight to their beds before they left the hospital. It helps us break down barriers for our patients and is the fastest way to get them the medication they need. ”

Immediate relief and convenience is a huge benefit to patients, especially when going out before pharmacies open or after they close.

“The experience I had with the bed medication program when I had surgery was amazing,” Danielle said. “The pharmacist came back just as I was about to get home, took my payment on the spot and went over my new medications with me. ”

Doctors can order medications for their patients when planning their procedures (this is what happened in Danielle’s case) or patients can choose to take advantage of the bed medication program when they come for their surgery. The program is free for patients – they only have to pay for the cost of their medication.

“I love drugs in bed,” said Dr. Casey Huntsman, an orthopedic surgeon who performs hundreds of procedures each year. Before each surgery, Dr. Huntsman makes sure to order the medications his patients will need. “Before the program existed, patients had to stop on their way home to get their prescriptions. Now they receive them before they leave and can go home and focus on their recovery. ”

Each prescription is dispensed by a member of the pharmacy team, so patients can get expert advice on how the drugs work and when to take them for maximum effectiveness. This consultation is usually done when another family member is present to make sure everyone understands the care plan and has their questions answered.

The Meds to Beds program also allows doctors and pharmacists to have better communication. This helps improve patient care and can also keep more money in their pocket. For example, doctors and pharmacists can quickly identify when drugs are not covered by health insurance and find alternatives that are included in a patient’s plan.

“You can see the relief on the faces of families when they realize they have everything they need and no longer have to stop on the way home. The meds to bed program really allows people to put all of their energy into focusing on their recovery, ”Keyes said.

For Danielle, the program allowed her to avoid waiting in the pharmacy parking lot or being left alone at home while her husband ran to the store. It made a difference.

“If I have to have surgery or some other procedure, I will definitely use this service,” Danielle said.

Mountain View Hospital is the only hospital in the area to offer the bedside medication program.

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