Pharmaceutical technicians urge Senate to approve regulatory bill

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Technologists and Pharmacy Technicians of Nigeria (NAPTTON) called on Senate leaders to approve the Nigerian Pharmaceutical Technologists and Pharmacy Technicians Regulatory Council Bill.

National President, NAPTTON, Adetola Balogun, in his address to the 3rd National Conference of Delegates (NDC), in Abuja, while recounting the experience recalled that the struggle to have a legal instrument as an act of Parliament for regulating the profession began as the draft submitted by the Federal Ministry of Justice to the office of the former head of state, the late General Sanni Abacha, had not been signed before his death.

Balogun further said the bill was subsequently sponsored by the Honorable Mohammed A. Mahmud, a member of the House of Representatives representing the federal constituency of Agaie / Lapai, Niger state in the 8th Assembly and had been adopted by the House of Representatives on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

He expressed his gratitude on behalf of NAPTTON to the leadership of the Nigerian Medical and Health Workers Union competently led by Comrade Dr King Biobelemoye Joy Josiah, Ogbodo VIII, and his team for their support at all times.

According to Balogun, “currently the bill is in the Senate awaiting approval. I take this opportunity to urge the leadership of the Senate to approve the bill as a matter of urgency.

“As professionals, we must be honest in performing our duty effectively at all times, as we have a responsibility to prepare, dispense and advise patients on the use of medications and medications prescribed by a licensed physician.

“We should always encourage others, the beauty of a tree is in its branches, but its strength is in its root. Our vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. These are major keys to living with integrity.

“The road was difficult, but with the support of old and new members and especially our elders, we are able to navigate the grounds as new programs have been introduced for the benefit of the members, namely the training program. Compulsory Continuous (MCEP), World Day of Pharmaceutical Technologists / Pharmacy Technicians, which is celebrated every third Tuesday of October each year.

Balogun therefore called on delegates to ensure that credible and dedicated executives are elected to consolidate the efforts of former leaders and to place the Association of Pharmaceutical Technologists as a high priority,

National President of the Nigerian Medical and Health Workers Union (MHWUN) Comrade King Bobelemoye Joy Josiah, who represented the President of the Nigerian Labor Congress Comrade Ayuba Wabba, also urged the Senate to approve the project. of law passed by the lower house.

“My message is to members of the Senate that the members of NAPTTON are globally recognized and that it is a globally recognized profession. Even as advanced as the United States of America is, it still counts with it and that is why they have a World Day.

“Anyone who informs our lawmakers that they do not have the right to self-regulate is among those who want Nigeria to be in the background and also want Nigeria to be upside down. “

“This is the kind of behavior that took Nigeria from third world to fourth.”

“China was a third world country like Nigeria, but they made progress. But rather than pushing Nigeria forward, that kind of negative sentiment caused us to roll back which we are now reversing to the fourth world. “

“I would like everyone, especially the Senate, to quickly agree to the bill that has been passed by the lower house so that the practice of the health industry in Nigeria is free.

“You don’t limit the people and things that will do the best scientific application of the system. Instead of delaying, they should speed up competitive action, ”he added.


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Pharmaceutical technicians urge Senate to approve regulatory bill

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