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In addition to working at Bi-Mart, Seid has also been a tutor at Oregon State University. He did this for 47 years. For the past 20 years, he has helped students and interns grow in the pharmaceutical industry. He is also still the Interim President of the Linn-Benton Pharmacy Association.

Over the years he has learned a lot about the industry and beyond.

“The biggest lesson I learned was how to work with the public,” Seid said. “You keep learning as you go. “

Seid said the people he has worked with and the people he has served are what he takes away from his career. The award is a wonderful way to crown half a century of work in the communities of Albany and Corvallis.

To win the Pharmacist of the Year award, you must be nominated. Luckily for Seid, that’s exactly what Roberto Linares did. Linares is a Senior Instructor at OSU College of Pharmacy. He worked with Seid at OSU as well as at the Albany Bi-Mart. He said his colleagues also felt Seid deserved the nomination.

“At the time, Gil was approaching 50 years of work, and for me that was a great accomplishment,” Linares said.

He added that he was always impressed with Seid’s ability to keep abreast of all the latest pharmaceutical policies and practices.

Linares said he wanted to name his colleague so that he could be recognized for his extensive work in the community.

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