Increase seen in life-threatening squeezed pills

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ohio (WSAZ) – When it comes to buying pills and other forms of illicit drugs, Jessica Pennington, who is a recovering addict, says the exchange is not like it used to be .

“You just don’t know what you’re getting anymore,” Pennington said.

The uncertainty arises from an increase in the number of substances like fentanyl that are disguised as other drugs.

“Now what the drug dealers do is make it look like someone is getting a pharmaceutical grade oxycodone, and pharmaceutical grade oxycodone won’t kill you if you take one … but a pill.” fentanyl can kill you if you take one, ”Lawrence said County Attorney Brigham Anderson.

Anderson says they can look like regular pills, like Xanax for example. There is no distinguishing feature to tell whether a squeezed pill contains fentanyl or not, so Anderson says the best way to make sure you’re getting safe drugs is through the pharmacy, ”Anderson said.

“These pills containing fentanyl will never come from a drugstore. They are made by man; they are made by drug dealers. We recently had a drug seizure in the Rome Township area of ​​Lawrence County where three people from Detroit had two apartments and they had a real press where they would take substances and squeeze them into pill form. This has seen a huge increase in our fatal overdoses, ”Anderson said.

It’s a deadly problem that has escalated in recent months, causing concern among people like Pennington who know firsthand how difficult they are to identify.

“You really can’t tell a difference, but if you move them around or leave them lying around in your pocket or something like that, they’ll start to fall apart because they’re in a rush. They aren’t perfect like the drugstore, but they look the same to them, ”Pennington said.

Anderson says that in the effort to get these squeezed pills off the streets, the county drug task force is increasing its patrols and doing more undercover work.

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