How to save money by putting the washing machine | Request up to € 750 in 15 minutes

In any home, and especially in those with children, doing laundry has become one of the main household chores. While more efficient washing machines are being manufactured and nighttime hours are used at a lower electricity rate, this is an action that involves a significant cost of electricity and water.

From Good Finance we want to write down some tips today that will allow you to save money when you put the washing machine both in the bill and in the long-term maintenance of the appliance or in the use of detergent. Aim!

Did you know that front-loading washers use less water?

Did you know that front-loading washers use less water?

It is a detail that you do not know but you have to assess if you are thinking of renewing the appliance. To save, also consider the temperature and the program: adjust them to the needs of each laundry.

If the clothes are not very dirty, do not go through the grades: as pointed out from Consumer , about 90% of the energy used to wash clothes in a washing machine is spent when heating the water. Likewise, adjust the weight of the clothes to the indications of the machine itself. Do not overload it, or put it empty. By excess or by default, you can incur an undesirable waste of money.

Don’t just look at the monthly bill


Keep in mind that it is also desirable that the clothes last as long as possible in the best conditions.

Therefore, do not forget to separate the white and colored garments, avoid putting into the washing machine those that have breaks or damage that can be made worse, and always choose the lowest temperature in the washing program.

Do you use the amount of detergent needed?

Do you use the amount of detergent needed?

Again, by excess or by default you can fail. Too much soap will damage the clothes, and if it is scarce, it will force you to repeat the washing, with the consequent expense. So adjust to the maximum, choose liquid detergents and take advantage of the products two in one, which wash and remove the most embedded stains. With the softener, the same.

As in everything in this life, the key is to find the intermediate point that guarantees us the greatest efficiency when performing our laundry. The last thing we want is for the bill at the end of the month to scare us. If, despite everything, happens, and you’re in trouble, you have Préstamo10 to get money quickly and in confidence. We help you?