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By Chinenye Anuforo

HealthPlus Limited is set to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry with the launch of Nigeria’s very first online pharmacy.

Nigerians can also now access a doctor or pharmacist instantly with one click.

With the digitization of pharmacy and retail services, HealthPlus will now be transformed into a fully automated one-stop-shop for pharmacy services, telemedicine services, laboratory services and beauty consultation services.

From the fully automated and interactive website, Nigerians can now access all pharmacy services and see a doctor from the comfort of their own homes or with one click from their mobile phones.

According to Chidi Okoro, Transformation Director of HealthPlus Nigeria Limited, “We have noticed a significant increase in online pharmacy orders and many customers are organically turning to online drug purchasing and home delivery. It is now considered not only the most convenient option, but also the safest option. “

HealthPlus’ first-ever online pharmacy responds to this change and gives Nigerians faster access to the country’s best pharmaceutical care,

The HealthPlus ePharmacy aims to provide a user-friendly and comprehensive online experience, which enables access to professional healthcare services using any device. HealthPlus ePharmacy is truly a “one-stop-shop” experience for healthcare services including telemedicine and laboratory services in partnership with healthcare providers such as MeCure.

Explaining the specialized nature of the ePharmacy platform, Chidi Okoro, Director of Transformation, also noted that “our intention is to become the primary point of care for reviewing drug use, managing medication. prescriptions and pharmacist consultation services, providing a seamless end-to-end user experience. . We will also constantly update our content with useful information, articles, blogs, newsletters and company announcements.

Among the new features, such as the “Talk to a pharmacist” chat button on the site, the ePharmacy platform is interactive and provides better access to promote better communication with our patients and customers. ‘

Afsane Jetha, CEO of HealthPlus private equity partner Alta Semper Capital LLP, believes this is another big step forward in improving healthcare delivery in Nigeria providing access to high quality but affordable medical and beauty supplies through an innovative new platform. “We remain firmly determined to support the company strategically and financially in the years to come”, he assured.

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