Hanmi Science Consortium leads ambitious project for global vaccine equity


Hanmi Science CEO Chong Yoon Lim is leading efforts to accelerate high-efficacy vaccines for Africa and other developing countries.

Seoul, South Korea, October 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Hanmi Science doesn’t just want the world to know it is committed to vaccine equity, it wants to prove it. Mr. Lim, CEO of Hanmi Science, echoes Mr. Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As stated by Mr Gates in a April 25 Sky News interview, “There are only a limited number of vaccine factories in the world… every manufacturing process must be carefully considered.” Mr Lim is deeply concerned about the complex logistics required by high-potency vaccines, such as those used in the global fight against COVID-19. “These vaccines, and the raw materials they are made from, can be difficult to transport. This leads to shelf life issues, wasted doses, unwanted side effects and economic losses ”. Mr. Lim is convinced that Hanmi Science can help him.

In July 2021, the Korea National Institute of Health (KNIH) validated Hanmi’s ability to synthesize six types of mRNA base materials. As noted by Mr. Lim, “Hanmi is the only company in Korea that has the capacity to produce and supply materials for 300 million doses in 12 months and Hanmi can quickly supply the basic mRNA materials which is currently in short supply around the world. ”Hanmi also confirmed its participation in the World Health Organization (WHO) plan to build regional centers for the global supply of vaccines.

It is understood that the lipid structure of mRNA, including the genome, is very fragile requiring careful handling and rigorous logistics. Hanmi’s approach enables the synthesis of mRNA at or near any vaccine manufacturing site, thus eliminating the need for mRNA transport over long distances.

This is just one part of Hanmi’s larger shots. At October 26, Mr. Lim signed a memorandum of understanding with Oxford University. This follows Hanmi’s 2018 investment in Vacmedix and the recent appointment of Mr. Lim to the Vacmedix board of directors.

In conclusion, Mr. Lim said: “I often think of the words of the Secretary-General of UNICEF Henriette Faure, who said, “This crisis is not over until it is over for all of us.‘Hanmi is working hard to end this crisis for all. “

About Hanmi Science Co Ltd

Hanmi Science Co., Ltd., is a Korea-based holding company. Its subsidiaries manufacture and sell pharmaceutical products in Korea and abroad. It develops drugs in the fields of diabetes and the fight against cancer. The company also offers drug substances, general drugs, functional health foods, and nutrition and health products and services. In addition, she operates an online pharmacy; and offers pharmaceutical management automation systems. Hanmi Science Co., Ltd. was founded in 1973 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.

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