‘Don’t delay’: local pharmacist urges families to get flu shots


PALM HARBOR, Fla. (WFLA) – A Palm Harbor pharmacist urges families to get their flu shots as soon as possible.

“People end up in the hospital because of the flu. They are dying of the flu. It can make you very sick, so I hope people take it seriously and get the flu shot this year, ”said Dr. Nicolette Mathey of Palm Harbor Pharmacy.

And there are good reasons to act quickly. Health experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say some suppliers of flu shots and the equipment to deliver the vaccine may run out of supplies while they wait for the next shipment.

“September, October is a great time to get a flu shot. You don’t want to get it when pharmacies have it so you can protect yourself throughout the season, ”said Dr. Mathey.

And you won’t have to worry about mixing your flu shot with your COVID-19 shot. Dr Mathey says the injections are compatible.

“At first, the CDC recommended separating your flu shot from your COVID shot. However, this recommendation is not in place. We have enough data to know that you can get vaccinated against COVID and the flu at the same time, ”explained the pharmacist.

Dr Mathey said that right now, most pharmacies and retailers still have the flu shot in stock.

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