“Cease and desist”: anti-vaccines targeting Australian pharmacists


Community pharmacies receive threat letters saying pharmacists “can expect to be punished with all the rigor of the law” for administering COVID-19 vaccines

Threat letters circulating in community pharmacies across Australia are calling on pharmacists to “cease and desist” from administering COVID-19 vaccines as they “constitute crimes against humanity”.

The author (s) of a letter consulted by the AJP seem to view COVID-19 vaccines as “experimental” treatments applied to “innocent, unsuspecting civilians”.

They say they do not believe “that there is sufficient evidence to support the claim that a deadly pandemic exists” and that the COVID-19 treatments, testing and restrictions constitute “biological warfare” and ” psychological warfare “.

The letter tells pharmacists that if they continue to administer these vaccines, they are committing a crime and “can expect to be punished with the full force of the law.”

“If you pursue any of the actions listed in this document and are found guilty of treason or conspiracy to cause injury, loss or injury to the people of the Australian Federation, or breach of your fiduciary duty as as a health professional to the people of Australia, you will be stripped of your office and your credentials, tried before God and a jury of the people, and punished according to the will of God and of the people who present themselves as his vice- regent ”, ends the letter.

Vikesh Kumar, senior partner and chief operating officer of Brisbane-based Infinity Group, said their pharmacists were increasingly receiving these types of letters during the pandemic.

“We got quite a few to be honest,” he told the AJP. “It’s actually quite frustrating.

“We have received many letters from aggrieved clients. They have the right to free speech, but I don’t think pharmacists are the right target for these letters.

“Obviously our pharmacists are not legal professionals, they do not understand interpretations of the law,” Kumar said, referring to the letters’ claim that administering COVID-19 vaccines constitutes crimes against humanity under various international and Australian laws.

“We’re not saying people shouldn’t voice their opinions, but we’re saying pharmacists aren’t the right audience for these letters.”

Mr Kumar said their pharmacists not only received the letters, but continued to be harassed by angry customers who did not like government rules.

“They’ve been verbally assaulted when a customer doesn’t want to wear a face mask or check in. We follow the processes and protocols outlined by the Queensland government, but we are actively harassed and abused by them. It is not our decision, ”he told the AJP.

Pharmacists are already going through a difficult time and should not have to process letters, he added.

“I don’t think there is a need for pharmacists, who are the most accessible health professionals, to take care of this as well.

Meanwhile, Priceline Pharmacy also sent a communication to its franchise partners on “threatening written communications, by mail or email, of what appear to be anti-vaccines, with a call to cease and desist from. COVID-19 vaccinations in your company ”.

“We have contacted the Federal Police about this and have been tasked by them to handle this locally for the time being,” said Priceline’s general manager of retail operations.

“We also understand that the Pharmacy Guild of Australia is through this and also speaks with the police on behalf of pharmacies.

“As long as your pharmacy is operating within legal and health guidelines regarding immunization delivery, you can be sure that you are doing the right thing for our communities. Our strong recommendation is not to engage in dialogue with the authors, ”they said.

In the United States, pharmacy staff faced a similar assault, with a man allegedly abusing pharmacists and threatening them with execution if they continued to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

A recent analysis of the “anti-vax” or “vaccine denial” movement shows that members see themselves as fighting for an inconvenient truth that the general public ignores.

“The participants believed that the members of the movement were astute, informed, responsible and courageous,” the Australian study found.

Pharmacists can contact the Pharmacy Helpdesk on 1300 244 910 for peer support related to the requirements of being a pharmacist in Australia.

Members can call PDL at 1300 854 838 for professional agent support.

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